David Dionisio, LMHC, SEC


My name is Dave Dionisio and I work as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a.k.a a therapist, in the state of Massachusetts.  I'm also certified as a Spiritual Emergence Coach, which is just a super fancy way of saying I also do spiritual coaching. Most of my experience has been in the field of substance abuse but I also have spent a lot of time with folks dealing with psychosis as well as spiritual issues.


Backing up a bit, I am a career changer. I got a ticket on board the financial services money train in the late 90s and began a decade long tenure that ultimately found me working in bond trading. While this was a fine way to support my fledgling music career (update:  still fledgling) it didn't really didn't really do much else for me other than give me heartburn and purposelessness. 

It was at this point that I began to look at my own existential issues. This led to me to start to explore my spirituality and mental health through yoga and meditation. I also began to look at my own substance use, of which was cannabis was the main thing. Throughout this process of change I had the benefit of some wonderful mentors and guides and I started to think that I could be one of those guides.

With an eye towards using mind-body practices to treat addictions I attended Lesley University and obtained a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology with a focus on holistics. I worked at multiple outpatient addictions programs, methadone clinics and hospitals doing individual and group therapy. Currently my day job is doing psychosocial rehab for folks with chronic mental health and/or addiction issues.

In my private practice I meet with adolescents and adults individually. The people with whom I work with have a range of concerns they've described. From struggling with mood or anxiety issues, to dealing with extreme states (also called psychosis) or spiritual disruption. Some folks struggle with overwhelming stress and a sense of feeling stuck and purposeless.

With Marijuana Friendly Counseling, I address all of these issues from a lens that does not judge cannabis use but rather wants to look at it objectively in the context of one's life and struggles. My goal is to provide a relationship in which you can ponder, explore, rant or self-reflect as needed. I also keep a keen eye on pacing, as it is really easy to move way to fast in a therapy situation. Time is needed for things to grow. 

There are many ways we can go about this together. We can approach things existentially or take a more rational CBT approach. We can use concrete, written tools or build coping skills as needed. I am also comfortable meeting people in the community and providing in-vivo support and exposure therapy as needed. Collaboratively we can craft a unique and personalized space that gives you what you need.

In all of this my hope is for you to not feel alone in your journey. Whether your goal is to manage your cannabis use or to be completely abstinent, my goal is for the space we create together to support you as undertake change. Change can be scary but remember I'm a career changer. I do this for a living. 


Stay friendly! 

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