This service DOES NOT involve the use, sale or distribution of marijuana or any marijuana-related products.

While marijuana has been legalized in Massachusetts, we neither promote or encourage, nor obstruct or discourage, either the recreational or medicinal use of marijuana or marijuana-related products. We are simply a counseling service specifically designed for the needs of those that use marijuana in any capacity, including those who wish to stop using. 

There is NO marijuana use before the session. 

There is NO marijuana use during the session. 

If a client presents to an appointment under the influence of marijuana or, any other psychoactive substance, the clinician will take proper safety precautions. Per the judgement of the clinician, as needed the client will either sit until they are able to produce another person to drive them home (friend, family, rideshare, etc.), until appropriate medical professionals have assessed them and/or until the client's emergency contact has been alerted. After such incidents suitability for continued treatment will be assessed and discussed.