But for Whom?


The following is a partial list of those who may benefit from Marijuana Friendly Counseling


Perhaps you...

...are using, overusing and/or abusing marijuana in an unsatisfying or unhealthy manner and wish to explore altering this by gaining some knowledge and control over your consumption

...are dependent and/or addicted (either physiologically, psychologically, behaviorally or even existentially) to marijuana and wish to ultimately abstain from use

...use marijuana for legitimate mental health and wellness reasons (anxiety, depression, appetite, sleep, etc) in an ad-hoc manner not in conjunction with a mental health provider


...have little to no experience with marijuana or marijuana-related products and find yourself either prescribed (i.e. for pain) and/or curious about marijuana use and wish to consult with a knowledgeable mental health provider

...have had meaningful experiences under the influence of marijuana that you wish to discuss with an open-minded professional

...have a loved one that you are concerned about regarding cannabis use and you wish you increase the quality of your life as well as encourage them towards treatment

These are just some of the concepts covered by Marijuana Friendly Counseling. If you are struggling with any of these, or have other issues you would like to discuss, please contact us now.