Here's the Short Answer

Simply put Marijuana Friendly Counseling offers professional counseling services to the cannabis using population.

We won't judge you for being a cannabis user.

We understand that it can be part of a healthy lifestyle. But we're also not gonna high-five you for smoking weed all day and playing video games. That's something we'd wanna look at.

Yes it's a drug you use recreationally but most cannabis users get some benefit from their use other than mere euphoria. It may relieve  real mental health and/or physical symptoms. It may make you legitimately feel more spiritual or creative.


We feel that the danger with such use is doing it in a vacuum without integrating the deeper meaning of the use and your experiences under the influence into your personality. This can cause cannabis to slip from being a relaxation thing, or a creativity thing, into being a too great a entity in one's life thing.   

If you feel you may be using it for these, or other reasons. Or are simply using too much, we can help you explore that. 

Many professionals cannot see outside of the perspective of this being illegal drug use and immediately take the hard turn into abstinence and other harsh measures. This is not our approach (see The Long Answer for more info).

We chose to honor the serious force that cannabis can be in someone's life, both positive and negative. We also honor the difficulty in having a loved one that is using cannabis in a way that is significantly effecting the concerned other. 

Having a therapist friendly to this substance and related lifestyle may help ease your burdens. 

(Services are provided by a licensed clinician (for real!) with experience in the field of mental health and addiction. In additional to traditional counseling services Marijuana Friendly Counseling provides education and support around current marijuana laws, obtaining one's medical marijuana card and the various products (edibles, vapes, combustibles, oils, etc.).)